For customers and suppliers

Postal address

Box 161 76
SE-103 24 Stockholm

Smaller deliveries
Deliveries smaller than a "Europapall" should be delivered to: 

Nationalmuseum, Amiralitetsbacken 1
SE-111 49 Stockholm

Delivery persons are requested to contact Internal Service at least thirty minutes before delivery by calling 08-5195 4441 or 08-5195 5527.

Larger deliveries
For deliveries equal to or larger than a "Europapall" please contact the person who placed the order (or Reference person). Telephone numer to Nationalmuseum: 08-5195 4300.

Visiting address

The museum om Södra Blasieholmshamnen is currently closed for renovation. Please visit our temporary exhibitions in Stockholm in the meantime, as well as other collaborations.

Visiting address for Photo Archives and Art Library

Digital images can be ordered, read more hereStreet address: Holmamiralens väg 2 on Skeppsholmen, in the old Sjökarteverket building. 


VAT nr SE202100110801
Org nr 202100-1108

Bank accounts

Bankgiro 5050-6732

Payments from abroad are to be made via SWIFT (we do not accept Euro-cheques) to: 

Bank:  Danske Bank
IBAN: SE9812000000012810105707
Account number: 12810105707


Nationalmuseum Design
@ Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
Sergels torg, Stockholm 

Other adresses

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