Slow Art

Annika Ekdahl, Road Movie (verdure): Visiting Mom, detail

Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum
© Annika Ekdahl

Annika Ekdahl, Road Movie (verdure): Visiting Mom, 2010
Wool and linen

Weaving a picture takes time. The effective weaving rate for Annika Ekdahl is one square metre per month. The different colours in one and the same weft has to be woven in separately around the warp. The image is built slowly from one end to the other. There is no way of going back and making changes without unravelling everything and starting over again. A tapestry requires careful planning and adhering to the original idea throughout the process, perhaps for several years. Yet, Ekdahl stresses the need for an "x factor". Something random, that cannot be controlled. For her, this factor can be the colours. Dyeing only a few ounces of wool at a time, knowing that the exact shade can never be achieved a second time. The challenge of mixing different colours as the work proceeds. This adds a human touch, a certain imperfection. Life.


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The image is free to use accompanied by photo credit and when illustrating editorial publicity directly related to the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden.

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