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Annika Liljedahl, Dog Rose

Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum
© Annika Liljedahl

Annika Liljedahl, Dog Rose, 2005
Steel wire, satin, pins and varnish

Shells and membranes as protection and limits have been a recurring theme in Annika Liljedahl's textile sculptures. She stretches fine Japanese silk on black-painted steel wire frames. The fabric is carefully fastened with pins, which also have a decorative effect on the object. Liljedahl then paints them over with a varnish that makes the satin transparent and stiff like grease paper. The title, Dog Rose, links the thin, delicate slippers with roses, which are fragile and exquisite but can also cause pain with their sharp thorns.

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The image is free to use accompanied by photo credit and when illustrating editorial publicity directly related to the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden.

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