Slow Art

Eva Hild, Ceramic Shapes No 2, detail

Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum
© Eva Hild

Eva Hild, Ceramic Shapes No 2, 2000

Eva Hild caringly models her ceramic shapes by hand. Hild starts by building a bowl shape from which the sculpture slowly evolves. The object is shaped by coiling fine-grained stoneware clay around the edges of the bowl. The clay is smoothed with a metal scraper to make the surface  seamless and even. It is mainly the relationship between inside and outside, and the tension arising between them, that fascinates Hild. Here, the modelling of the clay visualises an emotional mood. Bit by bit, shapes begin to develop, like conches, bristle, bones or shells. Her work takes time and requires the utmost attention and patience. The process gives ample time for reflection.

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