Slow Art

Helen Dahlman, Sanitary Furniture detail

Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum
© Helen Dahlman

Helen Dahlman, Sanitary Furniture, 2012
Mouliné yarn, gold thread, synthetic organza, acrylic glass
Private collection

This work was inspired by several skeins of gold thread given to Helen Dahlman by a colleague with the instruction to make something beautiful. The golden thread gradually morphed into the feet of a bathtub and then into an entire bathroom. The challenge was to achieve a convincing plasticity in the textile. It all comes down to how the threads are placed, how they capture and reflect light. Small warps, ridges and concavities bring the embroidery to life. And feint shifts in the dye of the white cotton thread adds further intensity. The resulting expression is crucial to Dahlman, and she does not hesitate to undo several weeks of embroidery if the result is not what she was aiming for.


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The image is free to use accompanied by photo credit and when illustrating editorial publicity directly related to the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden.

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