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Helena Edman, Egypten

Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum
© Helena Edman

Helena Edman, Egypt, 1983
Titanium, gold and silk

With inspiration from ancient Egyptian collars, the goldsmith Helena Edman made this collar as her graduation piece at the Guldsmedehøjskolen in Copenhagen. The titanium tubes were coloured through electrolyte, where different nuances are achieved by changing the amperage. The titanium has to be clinically clean before the process can start, so Helena Edman has meticulously polished off the oxidised surface before turning on the electricity. When the tubes have gained the desired colour, they are sawn into the final length, a task that uses up countless saw blades. Finally, Edman threads them onto silk. The collar weighs 335 grams and consists of some 1 730 parts. This work took four months to complete, from sketch to finished collar.

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