Slow Art

Jane Reumert, Snow Owl

Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum
© Jane Reumert

Jane Reumert, Snow Owl, 1996
Fibre porcelain, salt-glazed

This bowl is made of a feather-like material, inspired by the plumage of the snow owl. By mixing fibre glass in porcelain clay, a technique Jane Reumert developed herself, she can extend the capacity of the clay, making it extremely thin and transparent, like a backlit bird's wing. Each element is modelled by hand and shaped into a bowl around a base. Next, the exceedingly delicate bowl is salt-glazed and fired at a high temperature, 1,330 degrees centigrade, hanging in a specially-designed frame. The work can be read as a poetic metaphor for nature's beauty, but also for the fragility of nature and, consequently, human existence.

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