Slow Art

Mafune Gonjo, Beauty has a Thorn, detail

Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum
© Mafune Gonjo

Mafune Gonjo, Beauty has a Thorn, 2008
Glass and metal

Mafune Gonjo bases her work on materials, be they glass, ceramics, metal or tape. It is the specific characteristics of the material that inspires her creativity. The process always begins in a detail, a fragment. Small pieces are puzzled together meticulously into a whole. She drills several holes in irregularly-shaped bits of transparent sheet glass and joins them with wire. Thus, the design evolves from the small shard. Her artistic  process is characterised by minute repetitions that require persistence and patience. For Gonjo, repetition is a meditative act that gives her a sense of security, safety and control.


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