Slow Art

Tore Svensson, Bowl

Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum
© Tore Svensson

Tore Svensson, Bowl, 1985
Iron and gold

Working cold iron by hand is a heavy job. With his hammer, Tore Svensson forges a bowl from a 1 mm-thick iron plate. The outside is smoothed with a planing hammer. The rims are filed and bent, that is, processed by beating them with a hammer straight from above to make the rim thicker than the wall of the bowl. To prevent the iron from rusting, the surface is treated with linseed oil that is burned in several times. This process gives the material the deep blackness Svensson desires. Gilding is performed with electrolyte. Svensson works directly on the material. He has a notion of the size and proportions of the bowl, but stresses the importance of constantly listening to the material and following it in the creative process. The effective time spent for this bowl, number 3 in a series of 220 that Svensson has made so far, was 75 hours.

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