The New Nationalmuseum

Published 14-10-15 09:15

Behind the closed doors of Nationalmuseum, we are working hard to prepare for the building’s much-needed renovation. What will the New Nationalmuseum be like?

The renovation project will create a modern museum environment that is better for both the art exhibitions and for visitors. The New Nationalmuseum will be an open, visitor-friendly place where art can be experienced on both a large and a small scale – while preserving the integrity of the museum’s architectural heritage.

A better museum environment

Under current plans, the New Nationalmuseum will open in the fall of 2018. The long-awaited climate control system will enable us to present the museum’s collections in an integrated way, crossing the boundaries between artistic disciplines. We will be able to exhibit paintings and other works that are more climate-sensitive, such as drawings and graphic art, alongside applied art and design. This will enhance the visitor experience by tying together multiple stories. It will also allow us to put more artworks on display.

Better for the art, better for the visitor

Thanks to the relocation of behind-the-scenes activities such as administration and storage, the New Nationalmuseum will have more public space for exhibits and visitor amenities. By opening up both courtyards for use as multifunctional spaces, we can also improve the logistics of the main floor. The building will have multiple entrances and exits, as required by the fire code, which determines the maximum number of visitors that can be accommodated at any time – a number that is likely to increase.

Background on the renovations

Built in 1866, the Nationalmuseum building is almost 150 years old. For decades, the building has been constantly repurposed and adapted to the museum’s changing and growing requirements. One layer of modifications has been piled on top of another. However, the building has never been thoroughly renovated and does not meet today’s accepted international standards in terms of safety, climate control, fire safety, working environment and logistics. The renovations will bring it up to modern operational and regulatory standards.

Key features of the renovation project

  • Technical innovations have made it possible to reinstate bricked-up windows to let in natural light. Specially developed technology will ensure that no artworks are damaged.
  • A state-of-the-art climate control system will be installed, improving the environment for artworks, visitors and staff.
  • The public spaces will be expanded considerably, adding about 2,300 square metres. Both courtyards, which currently house the auditorium and the restaurant, will be turned into public spaces housing visitor amenities and some exhibits.
  • A new layout and security technology will enable us to keep the museum’s lower level open in the evenings independently of the rest of the building.

Keeping you informed

Nationalmuseum’s mandate is to promote interest in art and support artistic activity in Sweden, so our public relations work will continue throughout the renovation period. You will find the latest news on our external exhibitions and public events here on our website. We are constantly developing new partnerships and programming. To keep up to date, subscribe to our newsletter or like us on Facebook.


Project: Renovation of Nationalmuseum, Sweden’s premier art and design museum
Developer: National Property Board Sweden
Architects: Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB and Wikerstål Arkitekter AB
Timeline: Temporary relocation of museum operations to be completed by spring 2014, after which the National Property Board will take possession of the vacated building. Demolition work will be followed by renovation and construction. The renovation work will be carried out in 2015–17. The New Nationalmuseum is expected to open in the fall of 2018.
Client: Government of Sweden



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