Q&A about the renovation

Here are a few common questions about the renovation of Nationalmuseum.

Picture: Nationalmuseum seen from the Royal Castle.

Nationalmuseum as seen from the Royal Castle.

Why the need for renovation?
Since its original opening in 1866, the building has seen no major renovation. Almost 150 years later, it needs to be modernized in order to accommodate the demands of a modern museum. It is foremost about meeting demands for safety, climate, fire prevention, working environment and logistics. The National Property Board Sweden (Statens fastighetsverk) is responsible for the building and its renovation. 

Does the museum need to be closed until 2018?
Yes. This is a very extensive renovation project with a tight time schedule. 

Can you keep parts of the museum open during the renovation?
No, unfortunately not. The renovation is so extensive that it cannot be done bit by bit. The whole building will be a construction site. 

What changes will I, as a visitor, see in the New Nationalmuseum?
The exhibition area will be increased by 2,300 square meters which means that we will be able to show more art. With improved climate we can also vary in what ways we show art and we will be able to show art and design side by side. With an increased public area we can also accommodate more visitors at one time. 

Windows that today are covered will be uncovered to let the daylight in, resulting in a completely new experience of the art on display and of the building itself. Modern light and framing technology will allow damaging light to be screened. The museum will be brighter, bigger and will have an indoor climate which will appeal to both visitors and staff as well as being ideal for the art. Visitors will experience a richer museum visit and more varied exhibitions. There will be space both for activity and relaxation.

The glass-roofed atrium, today covered and housing an auditorium, will be restored to increase flexibility. Two central and opposite glass-roofed atriums will create space where visitors can see exhibitions, collect visitor information and attend evening events. Here you will be able to eat, spend time with friends and relax.

New elevators will be installed and the main entrance will thereby be made accessible to all visitors. 

Where does all the art go?

Although the art will move out, we will continue to engage the public, both at satellite exhibition venues and on the web. We have many collaborations with local museums throughout Sweden and temporary exhibition places during the renovation. We will also lend art to exhibitions at international museums and institutions. 

In Stockholm, we will have a temporary address at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern located at Sergels Torg (Nationalmuseum Design) for temporary exhibitions.

Some works from the collections will also be kept in storage.

When will the New Nationalmuseum open?

We plan to re-open for the public in the fall of 2018.


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