What to find in the Database

Our online database contains information about works of art in the Nationalmuseum collections. The collections consist of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, applied art, furniture, design, and much more.

The museum holds a total of more than 700 000 objects. The database currently has information for more than 146,000 of them.

Title, artist, dates and other basic facts are given for each object. Some objects also have descriptive texts – we are constantly working on adding, adjusting and checking the information.

The main source for registrations into our internal database are the museum’s inventory books. All items that are entered in the internal database are also directly accessible online. This means that some of the information shown has not yet been entirely checked and may thus contain incorrect details. These might include factual inconsistencies or language errors.


About half of the objects are supplied with one or several images. The images in the database were created in different periods, using different methods. Many images are new while others have been digitised from colour slides or have been scanned from microfiche cards. The quality can therefore vary. If you need a high-resolution version of an image, please contact the museums image agency Bildarkivet.

Artists and manufacturers

You can search and view information about artists and manufacturers represented in the museum’s collections. Currently the documentation is sparse but work is in progress to add more information about objects as well as on artists and manufacturers.

Search help

Help with searching and information about how the search engine works are found under the menu item Search help.

Picture: Flower Still Life witha aBowl of Fruit and Oysters, Jan Davidsz de Heem.


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