Enquiries about the Collections

For enquiries about the Nationalmuseum collections, please contact the following persons.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to answer general questions about art or specific questions about art works or artists that are not in the museum’s collections.

Micael Ernstell

Glass, 1500 to the present. Precious and semi-precious metals including cases, 1500-1900. Organic material: ivory, amber, tortoiseshell, etc. Stone. The King Carl XV collection at Ulriksdal Castle
E-mail Micael Ernstell 

Carina Fryklund

Netherlandish, Flemish, and Dutch painting, 15th -17th century. European Old Master drawings, 15th -17th century.
E-mail Carina Fryklund

Linda Hinners
Sculpture, 16th to 20th century
E-mail Linda Hinners


Eva-Lena Karlsson

Portraiture, 18th-19th century.
E-mail Eva-Lena Karlsson 

Wolfgang Nittnaus
Architectural drawings, theatrical collections, etc.
E-mail Wolfgang Nittnaus

Magnus Olausson

Director of Royal Castle Collections and Swedish National Portrait Gallery
Miniatures and Portraits 18th century.
E-mail Magnus Olausson


Art Library and Museum Archives,
Holmamiralens väg 2,
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm 

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