Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum Volume 16

The Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum is an annual publication presenting the Museum’s acquisitions and exhibitions, and articles on the history and theory of art related to the Nationalmuseum's collections.

Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, 
Volume 16, is available from our Book Shop.

Editorial Committee: Ulf Cederlöf, Janna Herder, 
Jan Norrman, Magnus Olausson, Martin Olin, 
Håkan Pettersson och Karin Sidén
Editor: Janna Herder 

ISSN: 1401-2987 


Solfrid Söderlind

Annual Reports from the Departments of the Museum
Torsten Gunnarsson, Magnus Olausson, Eva-Lena Bergström and Karin Sidén

Acquisitions 2009
"The Bat Painting" by Gabriel E. Orm
Karin Sidén

Beyond Adornment
Cilla Robach

Two Watercolours by Desprez Acquired by Auction at Bukowski's in Helsinki
Ulf Cederlöf

A Portrait of Ingmar Bergman by Irving Penn
Eva-Lena Karlsson

Acquisitions 2009: Exposé

Exhibitions 2009
The Pre-Raphaelites
Mikael Ahlund

Caspar David Friedrich: Nature Animated
Torsten Gunnarsson

Friedrich: Eight Contemporary Commentaries
Eva-Lena Bergström

Miniatures: New Acquisitions, New Discoveries and New Perspectives
Magnus Olausson

Exhibitions 2009: Exposé 

Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Volume 16.

Articles on the History and Theory of Art
The "Tessin Drawing Collection" and its Early History
Börje Magnusson

The Martelli Collection: Further Notes towards its History
Daniel Prytz and Johan Eriksson

The Glory of Saint Lawrence in the Cathedral of Viterbo
An Oil Sketch by Giuseppe Passeri (1654-1714) in the Martelli Collection
Sabrina Norlander Eliasson

The Stockholm Ewer by Abraham II Warnberger
Björn R. Kommer

Short Notes
The Watch of Queen Christina: A Source Critical Comment on Fredric Bediore's "Hugenotternas värld"
Görel Cavalli-Björkman

Rubens' The Virgin Adored by Saints
Per Bjurström

Other Activities and Projects
Nationalmuseum Undergoing Change
Solfrid Söderlind

Work in Progress: The Museum in New Light
Helena Kåberg

A Condition Survey of the Architectural Drawings Collections
Digitization of the Architectural Drawings Collection: An Overview
Helen Evans

Symposium on Art and the Nation
Martin Olin

Symposium on Museums and the Enlightenment
Martin Olin

The Friends of the Nationalmuseum: Museum Sponsors and Ambassadors
Eva Qviberg

Currents Research Projects /
Publications 2009

Other Staff Publications and Activities 2009

Statistics 2009

Staff: December 2009


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