Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum Volume 17

The Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum is an annual publication presenting the Museum’s acquisitions and exhibitions, and articles on the history and theory of art related to the Nationalmuseum's collections.

Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, 
Volume 17, is available from our Book Shop.

Editorial Committee: Ulf Cederlöf, Janna Herder, 
Magnus Olausson, Martin Olin, Håkan Pettersson, Cilla Robach and Karin Sidén
Editor: Janna Herder 

ISSN: 1401-2987 


Solfrid Söderlind

Annual Reports from the Departments of the Museum
Per Hedström, Magnus Olausson, Eva-Lena Bergström and Karin Sidén

Acquisitions 2010
A Painitng by Amalia von Köningsmarck with Royal Provenance
Karin Sidén and Lisa Skogh

The Solar Eclipse by Bengt Nordernberg
Carl-Johan Olsson

A recently acquired Print Study for The Story of Susannah by Maarten van Heemskerck
Carina Fryklund

The Cross-disciplinary Artist's Table
Cilla Robach

Ulrica Fredrica Pasch: Swedish Monarchs from Gustav I to Gustav III
Eva-Lena Karlsson

Acquisitions 2010: Exposé

Exhibitions 2010
Rubens & Van Dyck
Görel Cavalli-Björkman

Hand-Made: Drawings from Nationalmuseum
Margareta Gynning

Staging Power
Napoleon, Charles John, Alexander
Magnus Olausson

The Bernadottes in Black and White
Eva-Lena Karlsson 

Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Volume 17.

Articles on the History and Theory of Art
The Stockholm Print Room and the Public: From Dietrichson to Paulsson
Börje Magnusson

Bernini's last Project for the Louvre: the Designs in the Nationalmuseum
Daniela del Pesco

Shorter Notices
Mario Vargas Llosa, Jacob Jordaens and Depravity
Görel Cavalli-Björkman

Other Activities and Projects
Digitising the Nationalmuseum Collection of Architectural Drawings
Martin Olin

Art and Context in Baroque Rome
Sabrina Norlander Eliasson and Johan Eriksson

Masterpiece or Copy?
An International Research Collaboration on two Versions of Anthony van Dyck's St. Jerome with an Angel
Carina Fryklund and Lena Dahlén

Eunamus: Exploring the Creation and Power of European National Museums
Bodil Axelsson

Symposium on Staging Power
Martin Olin

The Nationalmuseum's Membership in the International Research Association RIHA in 2010
Karin Sidén

The Friends of the Nationalmuseum
Museum Sponsors and Ambassadors
Eva Qviberg

Current Research Projects 2010
/ Publications  2010

Other Staff Publications and Activities 2010

Statistics 2010

Staff: December 2010


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Skeppsholmen, Stockholm 

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