Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum Volume 18

The Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum is an annual publication presenting the Museum’s acquisitions and exhibitions, and articles on the history and theory of art related to the Nationalmuseum's collections.

Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, 
Volume 18, is available from our Book Shop.

Editorial Committee: Magdalena Gram,
Janna Herder, Magnus Olausson, Martin Olin,
Håkan Pettersson, Cilla Robach and Karin Sidén
Editor: Janna Herder 

ISSN: 1401-2987 


Berndt Arell

Annual Reports from the Departments of the Museum
Magnus Olausson, Kriste Sibul, Eva-Lena Bergström and Karin Sidén

Acquisitions 2011
Nicolas Régnier's Sleeper Awakened by Girl with lit Wick: Centennial Donation from the Friends of the Nationalmuseum
Magnus Olausson

Butterflies and Beetles against a Lyrical Landscape Background by Margareta de Heer
Karin Sidén 

Four French Painitngs
Per Hedström

Bacchante embrassant un satyre assis, dit aussi L'Ivresse du baiser
Un groupe de Clodion de la collection Doucet au Nationalmuseum de Stockholm
Guilhem Scherf

Queen Elizabeth I Immortalised by Nicholas Hilliard
Magnus Olausson

Studies for The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine of Alexandria (Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid) by Anthony van Dyck
Carina Fryklund

Fredenheim's Voyage Pittoresque revisited
Magnus Olausson

Swedish Design in Paris 1925
Anders Bengtsson, Helena Kåberg and Cilla Robach

A Woven Story
Cilla Robach

Photographic History in Recent Acquisitions for the Swedish National Portrait Gallery
Eva-Lena Karlsson

Acquisitions 2011: Exposé

Exhibitions 2011
Museum in a New Light: Shimmering Silver
Cilla Robach

Lust and Vice
Eva-Lena Bergström and Ulf Cederlöf

Visiting Gods and Goddesses
Veronica Hejdelind

The Peredvizhniki: pioneers of Russian Painting
Per Hedström

Exhibitions 2011: Exposé 

Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Volume 18.

Articles on the History and Theory of Art
The 100th Anniversary of the Friends of the Nationalmuseum
Jan af Burén

Arranging and Cataloguing the Nationalmuseum's Collection of Prints: A Protracted Story
Börje Magnusson

The Identification of the Individual Sitters in a 1657 Group Portrait by Ferdinand Bol on Long-term Loan to the Nationalmuseum from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Jonathan Bikker

Beerstraten in the Nationalmuseum: An Exceptional Contribution to the Dutch Cityscape
Norbert E. Middelkoop

A Collection on Applied Art and Design: Three Perspectives, 
The Making of an Applied Art and Design Collection
Micael Ernstell,

Swedish Modern: Selling Modern Sweden
Helena Kåberg,

The Liberation of Form: Applied Art and Design in Swedish Debate in the 1960s
Cilla Robach 

Other Activities and Projects
The Archives of Atelier Borgila: A Presentation of the Archives
Joachim Enlund 

The Future is Bright: A Nationalmuseum and Getty Conservation Institute Collaboration
Helen Evans

French Architectural Drawings in the Nationalmuseum: An International Collaboration
Martin Olin

The Hill Centennial
Karin Sidén

The Friends of the Nationalmuseum: Museum Sponsors and Ambassadors
Eva Qviberg

Current Research Projects / 
Museum Publications 2011

Other Staff Publications and Activities

Statistics 2011

Staff: December 2011 


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