Nationalmuseum's collection of sculpture comprise thousands of works from different periods in time. The sculptures on show at three separate sculpture museums of great historical interest are also part of The Nationalmuseums Collection: Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities in the Royal. Palace, Orangery Museum at Ulriksdal and Museum de Vries at Drottningholm Palace.

When Nationalmuseum opened in 1866 the core of the sculpture collection comprised the works included in the former museum which was housed in the Royal Palace.

Thanks to king Gustav III's collection and to purchases and donations of more recent sculptures in the 19th and 20th centuries large number of works by leading Swedish sculptors found their place in the museum's collection. These include, for example, Johan Tobias Sergel, Johan Niklas Byström, Bengt Erland Fogelberg and Per Hasselberg.

The collections also include casts of classic antique sculptures and a considerable collection of foreign sculptures from the Middle Ages to 1900, by Francesco Lauran, Giovanni Bologna, and Adriaen de Vries and many more.


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