Denise Grünstein, 1866 no 2. Bilden är beskuren.


Welcome to Nationalmuseum. Experience our various exhibitions at the temporary arenas at Konstakdemien and Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

  • Image: Denise Grünstein, Enfants terribles (the image is cropped), from the series 1866. © Denise Grünstein

    Denise Grünstein – En face

    An exhibition on and by photographer Denise Grünstein. The exhibition is based on the art project that the photographer ran in the empty museum building earlier this year. › Läs mer
  • Eric Broms, Zlatan Ibrahimović.

    Crossing Borders

    Portraits of internationally celebrated Swedes who have challenged and crossed borders in a variety of ways. On view Nov 27 - Mar 1 at Malmö Airport. › Läs mer

    Image: Carl Wilhelmsson, Miss Agnes Cleve (detail)

    Art on Tour

    The museum buidling on Blasieholmen is closed for renovation. Meanwhile, the art goes on tour. › Läs mer

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