Visiting gods and goddesses

Come into the home of the gods and goddesses of antiquity, see how they live and poke around their belongings. None of them will be in when you visit, but you can get to know them quite well even so!

Until 15 January 2012

A playful exhibition for children.

You can sneak a look through the album of Jupiter’s best transformations, make thunder, walk on lava or pat the three-headed dog Cerberus (if you dare). You can also try Venus’ magical loin cloth or snatch a kiss from someone you like in Cupid’s grotto of love. There’s always a party at Bacchus’ place. He’ll give you the best tips for a successful bash.

In art, particularly from ancient times, gods and goddesses are common subjects. Living several hundred years later, it can sometimes be difficult recognising them and their exploits. How do you know who is who and who reigns over what?

Who is who

All will become clear once you’ve visited the homes of the gods and goddesses in the exhibition. You’ll get to see their favourite things and learn more about their lives and adventures. Next time you see a painting or sculpture, you’ll be able to spot whether it depicts Cupid, Diana, Neptune or one of the others. Head two flights upstairs and see if you can find them.

Play and learn

Visiting gods and goddesses is an exhibition that children and adults can experience with all their senses. By playing in different settings, you’ll learn more about the gods of antiquity, who they were and how to recognise them. There are all sorts of exciting things to discover and plenty to keep you coming back again and again.

More fun with the gods

Memory game, coloring pages and a lot more to learn about the gods (the latter in Swedish only). Check it out! 


Picture: Minerva and her brother Mars.
Minerva chatting with her brother Mars.

Practical information 

  • Free admission to the exhibition for children as well as adults.
  • The exhibition is aimed primarily at children over 4 years.
  • Entrance fee for adults who want to continue upstairs in the museum after visiting the exhibition.
  • Shown in the Gallery on the ground floor.
  • Keep an eye on the children in the exhibition! There are times when an adult might need to help out.
  • There is no room for prams or strollers in the exhibition. Please put them in our pram parking space.


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@ Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
Sergels torg, Stockholm 

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