Museum in a new light:
Shimmering silver

Shimmering silver exhibits old and brand new objects from Nationalmuseum's collections of silver. Discover how the light plays on the surfaces and shapes. See how silver has influenced and been influenced by art in other materials and techniques.

Bild: Bordsuppsats étagère, 1861 Firma Gustaf Möllenborg. Lövskål, 2002,Caroline Lindholm. Vortex, 1989 Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe.

Epergne étagère, 1861 Firma Gustaf Möllenborg. Leaf Bowl 2002,Caroline Lindholm. Vortex, 1989 Torun Bülow-Hübe.

27 January 2011 – March 2012.

The Shimmering silver exhibition is part of the project Museum in a new light, which considers how Nationalmuseum's collections may be exhbitited in a renovated museum building. The common thread running through the project i light, and how different kinds of light affect the appreciation of art. 

All that glitters is not gold

Silver is a material that can be worked in almost infinite ways. The hard metal can be polished, decorated with patterns in relief and enamel or left with the marks of the hammer. The exhbition looks more closely at the various techniques used by silversmiths.

The popularity of silver has shifted through history. It was desirable in magnificent interiors of the 17th century and detested by the socialist 1968 movement in equal measure. The exhibition presents silverware from the 1550s to the present day. The modern day is represented by works suck as Caroline Lindholm's leaf bowl from 2002, Agnieszka Knap's necklace from 1999 and Erik Tidäng's vase from 2009. All the objects in the exhbition come from Nationalmuseum's own collection. 

Different themes

Standing alongside the silver are works of art and applied art that employ other materials and techniques: bronze, stone, glass and ceramics. Focusing on the similarities of design, the objects are displayed according to different themes, such as Inspired by nature, Modelled on antiquity and Swedish simplicity. The exhibition clearly shows how the different arts have cross-pollinated and drawn on the same sources of inspiration.

Bild: Parymflacon, 1979, Kristian Nilsson.
Parfymflacon, 1979, Kristian Nilsson

Fine dining

With so many silver objects produced specifically for the dinner table, the exhibition also contains an installation in the form of a laid table. On display is a selection of silver, porcelain and glass from varoius periods. Our own time is represented by Erika Lagerbielke's glass service for the Crown Princess Couple from 2010.


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Skeppsholmen, Stockholm 

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