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The Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum is an annual publication presenting the Museum’s acquisitions and exhibitions, and articles on the history and theory of art related to the Nationalmuseum's collections.

Alexander Roslin (1718-1793), The Artist and his Wife Marie Suzanne Giroust Painting a Portrait of Henrik Wilhelm Peill, 1767. Oil on canvas, 131 x 98,5 cm. Nationalmuseum, 7141 (detail).

The Art Bulletin is in English and has hitherto been a printed publication, but with the upcoming volume it will switch to a digital format. Factors behind this change include the development of free access to scholarly information and a wish to see the Art Bulletin’s articles disseminated more effectively. Therefore, the Art Bulletin will henceforth be published in DiVA.* You will also be able to read the Art Bulletin on the Nationalmuseum’s website.

The Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Volume 20 will retain the graphic design of the print publication. In terms of content, the volume reflects the Art Bulletin’s increasingly focused approach as a scholarly publication.







*Academic Archive On-line; a publishing system for research and student thesis and a digital archive for long-term preservation and publication.

Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
Volume 20

Editorial Committee: Mikael Ahlund, Magdalena Gram, Janna Herder, Helena Kåberg and Magnus Olausson
Editor: Janna Herder

Anders Bengtsson, Görel Cavalli-Björkman, Ulf Cederlöf, Micael Ernstell, Helen Evans, Carina Fryklund, Magdalena Gram, Per Hedström, Eva-Lena Karlsson, Helena Kåberg, Magnus Olausson, Martin Olin, Carl-Johan Olsson, Eva Qviberg, Roger de Robelin, Margaretha Rossholm-Lagerlöf and Guilhem Scherf.

Articles on the history and theory of art:
”An Italian Architecture Library under the Polar Star: Nicodemus Tessin the Younger’s Collection of Books and Prints” by Martin Olin
“Louis Gauffier’s Portrait of Gustaf Mauritz Armfeldt: A Political or a Conspirational Painting?” by Magnus Olausson
“An Exceptionally Protracted Affair: The Nationalmuseum’s Acquisition of Sergel’s Collections of Drawings and Prints, 1875-1876” by Ulf Cederlöf.

The Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Volume 20 will be published in August 2014.
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