The mission of Nationalmuseum’s education service is to present art to students on their own terms, in a way that is entertaining, fun, challenging and educational.

The education service primarily serves preschool, comprehensive school and upper secondary school students, but also adult students of Swedish for immigrants and Swedish as a second language.


  • To work closely with schools to develop our activities.
  • To devise teaching materials and methods that are relevant to and suitable for the target audience, and that are well matched to school curriculums.
  • To make Nationalmuseum’s collections accessible to schools at all levels, regardless of their location and financial situation.
  • To develop Nationalmuseum’s website as a platform for learning about the collections.
  • To uphold and encourage students’ influence and participation.

We are happy to offer guided tours in English for visiting school parties from other countries. For more information, see Booking a Guided Tour.

If you would prefer to explore the exhibition at Konstakademien independently, without the help of one of our education officers, you’ll find some practical advice under Discover for Yourself. Please email This is an email address  before your visit.


Click here for more information about Creative Schools, the Swedish government’s program to integrate cultural and artistic expression into the comprehensive school curriculum. Perhaps you’d like us to work with you to design a project?

Picture: Girl working in the Studio.

Girl working in the Studio.

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Mondays closed

At Konstakademien, Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm. 

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