Educational material for Swedish teachers and pupils abroad

Guides, exercises and images for Swedish teachers and pupils abroad. Work with the art in Nationalmuseum's collections to enhance the pupils' language development and knowledge of the Swedish cultural heritage, history and present time.


Wonderland, August Strindberg. The Princess and the Trolls, John Bauer. Self Portrait, Elisabeth Keyser.

Nationalmuseum’s learning activities are aimed at giving all pupils an enjoyable, challenging and educational encounter with art on the pupils’ terms. Our objective is to make the museum collections accessible to students in all forms of schooling. Therefore, we have compiled material for Swedish teachers and pupils in other countries.

Language and culture

The purpose of this material is to enhance the linguistic development (in the broader sense) of pupils, while enhancing their awareness of the Swedish cultural heritage, history and contemporary society, as reflected in the Nationalmuseum collection.

This teacher’s guide contains a total of 15 works by mainly Swedish artists. The selected works do not aspire to give a comprehensive picture of Swedish art history, but can be used to illustrate a few periods in art.

What does the material include?

The paintings are divided into four themes: portraits, landscapes, folk tales and traditions, and history painting. Each theme is accompanied by a teacher's guide with facts, exercises and pictures. There is also an illustration folder. The images can be printed out in A4 format or shown in the classroom, for instance by using an LCD projector. You will also find a separate illustration folder containing the images from all four themes.

power point All images included in the material

How to use the material

The material is intended to serve as a smorgasbord, where teachers can choose a theme or parts of a theme to complement the topics the class is working on at the time. Use one or more of the pictures as a starting-point or inspiration for creative writing or discussions on various subjects. All exercises are intended for classroom use. The exercises vary from simple picture tasks and image analysis, to more complex assignments.


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More pictures

If you wish to work more extensively on topics such as Swedish artists, you can use all the pictures in the illustration folder and complement them with images from the Nationalmuseum database. For instructions on how to use the database, please click on Tips.

You do not have to be an expert

Remember that you don’t have to be an expert on art or artists. Explore and discover our works together with your pupils!

Questions and comments

If you have any questions or comments concerning the material, please contact us via e-mail: This is an email address

This educational material was written by Helena Sjödin-Landon. Production: Veronica Hejdelind. Graphic design: Agneta Bervokk. Translation: Gabriella Berggren . It was made possible thanks to generous funding from SWEA.


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