Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum

Thanks to a generous donation, the Gustavsberg Collection has been part of Nationalmuseum’s collections since 1 January 2001. You can see a representative selection at the Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum in Värmdö, outside Stockholm.

The Gustavsberg Collection contains almost 35,000 ceramic pieces produced at the Gustavsberg porcelain factory from the 1830s until its closure in 1994. The items range from studio-made objets d’art and decorative urns to familiar dinner services to old-fashioned sanitary fittings. There are also many prototypes of items that never went into production.

Preserved for posterity

A donation from the Swedish Cooperative Union (KF) and an agreement with the Municipality of Värmdö brought the collection of products from the Gustavsberg porcelain factory into Nationalmuseum’s possession. The intention was to preserve the collection for posterity. A representative selection of items from the collection can be seen at the Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum, which is run by the Municipality of Värmdö.

Online treasury of images

In addition to the collection, Nationalmuseum received the right to freely publish images online. Government funding was obtained for documenting the vast collection, a project that got under way in May 2008. By November 2008, almost 25,000 of the items had been cleaned, documented, photographed and made available to the public. However, additional resources are needed to complete the process of documenting the collection. Search the database Collections online.

Information for visitors

See Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum website



Bild: Servisen Colorado, Stig Lindberg. © Stig LIndberg/BUS 2008

Servisen Colorado, Stig Lindberg.
© Stig LIndberg/BUS 2008.


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