Vadstena Castle

In the centre of Vadstena, right beside Lake Vättern, is one of Sweden’s best-preserved Renaissance castles.

Vadstena Castle was built by King Gustav Vasa in 1545 and was originally intended to shield Stockholm from possible attacks by the Danes and the Smålanders. However, the plans changed, and the castle was turned into a Renaissance palace for Duke Magnus, the King’s son. It was not fully completed until 1620.

Well-preserved Renaissance castle

Today’s visitors can see historical exhibits on the first floor, one of the four gun turrets, the second floor (not open in summer) and the third floor, which is furnished with 16th–17th-century furniture and paintings. The castle is considered one of Sweden’s best-preserved Renaissance castles.

In addition to the museum, the castle houses the tourist information centre, the International Academy of Vadstena and the county archives.

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Art Library and Museum Archives,
Holmamiralens väg 2,
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm 

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