Photography and Drawing

Picture: Prins Eugen, by Oscar Björck

Photography for personal use

Photography for personal use is permitted in the collections (the permanent core exhibitions), but flash and tripod use is not allowed. The artifacts are delicate, so please take care not to get too close. Be considerate of other visitors, too. For copyright reasons, photography is not permitted in some of the temporary exhibitions. If this is the case it will be marked on the door leading to the exhibition.

Photography and filming for commercial use

Photography and filming for commercial use are not allowed unless you have obtained permission in advance. Please e-mail your application to This is an email address, indicating the purpose of the shoot, the intended distribution, the medium/channel, and the contact’s name, e-mail and phone number. Larger photography or filming projects may be best undertaken when the museum is closed to the public. There may be staff and security costs involved. Please contact the information department for current rates.



You may draw with a graphite pencil and dry coloured pencils, and you may take notes. However, pens and pencils may be strictly prohibited in certain exhibitions, in which case specific information to this effect will be posted. Remember to bring something to lean on when sketching. Use of fixatives in any form is prohibited.

Anyone wishing to make copies or to use materials other than those listed above must apply for specific permission from the Director of Collections by sending an e-mail to This is an email address. It may take up to a month to process your application, so make sure you apply well in advance.

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