Turn-of-the-Century Gems

See 164 famous works and less well known gems by Andes Zorn, Hanna Pauli, Bruno Liljefors and many others. The summer exhibition Turn-of-the-Century Gems show highlights of the collections of Scandinavian 19 th-century painting.

Pictures: Castles in the Air (detail), Anders Zorn. Breakfast time (detail), Hanna Pauli. The Water Sprite (detail), Ernst Josephson.

Castles in the Air (detail), Anders Zorn. Breakfast time (detail), Hanna Pauli. The Water Sprite (detail), Ernst Josephson.

23 June–24 August

Scandinavian painting from the period around the last turn-of-the-century is richly represented in Nationalmuseum’s collections. It is also very much appreciated by the audience. Due to the lack of space the number of paintings on display is usually limited. But during the summer time, when many tourists, both from other parts of Sweden and from abroad, visit the museum, we would like to highlight a greater number of the master pieces from this period. Turn-of-the-Century Gems is a recurrent exhibition but the selection of paintings varies from year to year.

Picture: The Little Gleaner, Hugo Salmson.


In this year’s edition, 164 works of art are on display. You will see some of the best-known paintings of the period, including Hanna Pauli’s light-filled Breakfast Time, Marcus Larson’s Waterfall in Småland and Ernst Josephson’s Water Sprite.

Picture: At the Breakfast Table, Laurits Andersen Ring.

The exhibition also features a number of works by August Strindberg, Anders Zorn, Bruno Liljefors and Wilhelm Hammershöi. You will see some of Carl Larsson’s much loved images of home and family life at Sundborn and other popular paintings such as Little Gleaner by Hugo Salmson and At Breakfast by Laurits Andersen Ring.


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