Nationalmuseum in brief

Nationalmuseum is Sweden’s premier museum of art and design. The collections comprise older paintings, sculpture, drawings and graphic art, and applied art and design up to the present day.

PIcture: Damen med slöjan (beskuren), Alexander Roslin. Concrete, karmstol, Jonas Bohlin. I köksträdgården, Carl Larsson

The Lady with the Veil, Alexander Roslin. Concrete, armchair, Jonas Bohlin. In the kitchen garden, Carl Larsson

Topical exhibitions and a varied program ensure that every visit to the museum is an enriching experience. Join a guided tour, rent an audio guide or wander around independently and discover the museum’s artistic treasures.

Fin de siècle gems

Experience Swedish fin de siècle painting in the form of well-known works by Carl Larsson, Hanna Pauli, Anders Zorn and Bruno Liljefors. Get to know the art of earlier times too: from portraits painted during Sweden’s age of greatness in the 17th century to the Romantic landscapes of the 19th century. Highlights from the 18th century include Roslin’s veiled lady and Sergel’s sculptures and drawings. As well as Swedish art, we present works by international masters: Rembrandt, Watteau, Renoir, Gauguin and many others.


See design classics in the original

The Modern Form exhibition (Den moderna formen) presents developments in Scandinavian design and applied art over the past 100 years. Alongside Jonas Bohlin’s Concrete armchair, you can see ceramics by Stig Lindberg, glass by Simon Gate, and Gösta Thames’ “cobra” telephone.

What was fashionable in the age of greatness?

The Design in Sweden exhibition (Formen i Sverige 1500–1740) discusses the roots and development of European design. See the fashionable furnishings of the time, tapestries, china, splendid silverware and much more. Presented in their historical context, the artifacts provide a picture of innovations and trends among the upper classes between 1500 and 1740.


Art Library and Museum Archives,
Holmamiralens väg 2,
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm 

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