Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum Volume 19

Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum är en årligen återkommande publikation som presenterar museets nyförvärv och utställningar samt konstvetenskapliga artiklar med koppling till Nationalmuseums samlingar.

Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm,
Volume 19, finns att köpa i vår Bokshop.

Redaktion: Magdalena Gram, Janna Herder, Magnus Olausson, Martin Olin och Cilla Robach
Redaktör: Janna Herder 

ISSN: 1401-2987 


Berndt Arell 

Acquisitions 2012
Jan Lieven's The Apostle Paul at His Writing Desk
Carina Fryklund

A Young Scholar at His Desk: A New Genre Piece by a Rembrandt Follower
Carina Fryklund

18th-century Pastel Painting in Paris: Four Examples
Magnus Olausson

August Malmström and Esaias Tegnér's Frithiof's Saga
Tomas Björk

Sergel's Portrait of Duchess Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta
Magnus Olausson

Bacchus and Ariadne, a Federkunststück by Jan Harmensz. Muller
Carina Fryklund

Queen Lovisa Ulrika's Memorial Cup with Cover: A Gift in Memory of Henry Montgomery
Micael Ernstell och Magnus Olausson

Royal Night Commodes
Anders Bengtsson

Sculputers for the Body: Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe
Cilla Robach

Twenty-six Photographic Portraits by Hans Gedda
Eva-Lena Karlsson 

Acquisitions 2012: Exposé

Exhibitions 2012
Passions: Five Centuries of Art and the Emotions
Karin Sidén 

The Art of Exaggeration: Caricature in Sweden
Lena Johannesson

Modern Life: France in the 19th Century
Mikael Ahlund, Veronica Hejdelind och Helena Kåberg

Slow Art
Cilla Robach

Pride and Prejudice: Female Artists in France and Sweden, 1750-1860
Eva-Lena Karlsson

Light and Darkness at Ulriksdal Palace

Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Volume 19.

Articles on the History and Theory of Art

On the Provenance of Rembrandt's The Conspiracy of the Batavians under Claudius Civilis
Roger de Robelin

The Tapestries of the Concuêtes du Roi de Suède: French Royal Manufacture and Its Tapestry Design for the Court of Charles XI
Florian Knothe

French Bridge Drawings in the Cronstedt Collection
Linnéa Rollhagen Tilly

Count Tessin, Mariette and the Crozat Sale
Magnus Olausson

Towards a New Contextualization of Gustaf Wilhelm Palm's Italian Period
Tiziano Antognozzi

Notes on Cavalcaselle's 1865 Visit to Stockholm
Fabio Franz

Shorter Notices
Johan Gustaf Sandberg and Gerrit Dou: Notes on two Recent Acquisitions
Emilia Ström

The Friends of the Nationalmuseum: Museum Sponsors and Ambassadors
Eva Qviberg 


Konstbiblioteket och arkiven 
Holmamiralens väg 2,
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm 

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