Tessinföreläsning 2010:
David Freeberg

Professor David Freedberg föreläser på temat Painting after Iconoclasm: What happened to painting in Antwerp after 1566? Tisdag 7 september kl 18. Fri entré.

Havsgudarnas högtid, Frans Floris.

Kom och lyssna till professor David Freedberg som föreläser på temat Painting after Iconoclasm: What happened to painting in Antwerp after 1566?

I sin föreläsning kommer Freedberg att fokusera på ikonoklasmen i Nederländerna, särskilt i Antwerpen, och därmed till frågeställningar som berör förhållandet mellan konst och politik. Några av de målningar som Freedberg kommer att tala om ingår i Nationalmuseums samlingar. Föreläsningen ingår i serien Tessinföreläsningarna. OBS! På engelska.

David Freedberg är verksam som Pierre Matisse Professor of the History of Art at Columbia University i New York och som Director at The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America vid Columbia University.

Tid: tisdagen 7 september kl 18
Plats: Hörsalen. Entréplanet, Nationalmuseum.
Kostnad: fri entré. Ingen förbokning.

David Freedberg skriver kort om föreläsningen:

"The great iconoclastic outbreaks of 1566 and 1585 in Antwerp not only resulted in the loss of a large number of major and minor art works; it also created a lack of confidence both among patrons and painters. The lacunae in our knowledge of painting between the death of Bruegel in 1569 and the return of Rubens from Italy in 1608 is perhaps just a further symptom of this decline. But the situation was not as negative as it may seem. The initial slowing of ecclesiastical patronage led to the flourishing of other genres, from portraiture to landscape and still life, thus contributing to the great flourishing of new genres in seventeenth century Holland.



In my dissertation of 1973 I surveyed some of the causes of these phenomena; in this paper I will discuss the most recent additions to our knowledge of this still little-known but exciting filed, in which art and society interact with dramatic results. I will examine not only a number of lesser known paintings, but also survey the vast amounts of new material that has become available in the field of printmaking. I will conclude with a discussion of the implications for the painting in an age of globalization.”

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