Tessinföreläsning 2012:
The New Ashmolean

Dr Christopher Brown talar om "The New Ashmolean". Tisdag 9 oktober kl 18. Fri entré.

Kom och lyssna till Dr Christopher Brown som på temat The New Ashmolean föreläser om de förändringar och ombyggnationer som The Ashmolean genomgått de senaste åren. Föreläsningen hålls på engelska och ingår i serien Tessinföreläsningarna.

Dr Christopher Brown är chef för Ashmolean, Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Oxford.

Tid: tisdag 9 oktober kl 18
Plats: Hörsalen, utrustad med hörslinga.
Kostnad: fri entré. Ingen förbokning.

Christopher Brown skriver kort om föreläsningen:

In recent years the Ashmolean has undergone an extensive redevelopment. The first phase saw the creation of a stunning new building, designed by world-renowned architect Rick Mather, replacing all but the original 1845 Cockerell Building. Arranged over five floors with level access throughout, the building provides 39 new galleries and has created 100% more display space. State of the art facilities now allow the Museum to exhibit objects that have been in storage for decades.

Building on this success the second phase of major redevelopment redisplays the Ashmolean’s world-famous collections of Ancient Egypt and Nubia. Since the reopening the museum's visitor number have increased three fold amidst widespread public and critical acclaim with the museum being nominated for and winning numerous awards. The Ashmolean's Director, Dr Christopher Brown, will put this stunning redevelopment in context, discussing the complexities of the Ashmolean's past, the process of its transformation and his plans for the future.

Bild: Ashmolean Museum Extension, Oxford. Foto: © Richard Bryant/Arcaid

Ashmolean Museum Extension, Oxford. Foto: © Richard Bryant/Arcaid


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