Curious of: Hella Jongerius – Breathing Colour
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A colourful deep-dive

Take your group or art association on a tour of the exhibition Hella Jongerius - Breathing Colour and join us as we take a deep-dive into the changeability, limitations and possibilities of colour.

Let us take you on a journey of discovery through a breath-taking visual installation that entices our scenes and challenges our brains. Colour is the central theme of the exhibition Hella Jongerius – Breathing Colour, but it also incorporates aspects of how light and shape, and especially different materials, affect how we perceive colour.

Internationally renowned designer Hella Jongerius uses paper, textiles, ceramics, metal and plastic to illustrate her many years of artistic research on colour. It is based on both scientific theories and personal observations. They created forms interact with select pieces of art from the Nationalmuseum collections, letting us see how daylight changes as we progress through the exhibition. Dawn or night – it all impacts how we experience colour.

Hella Jongerius wants us to discover more and ask questions. According to her, we need lively and intense colours around us. Colours that “breathe”. She is critical of the standardised colours and systems currently used by industries to try and create colours that are as stable as possible.

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Tour duration: 60 minutes

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