Glassbar and Café

Champagne, a simple lunch or a coffee? The choice is yours!
In the Glass Bar, you will find an ambitious selection of beverages, small dishes, and tasty pastries. Sit down and relax for a moment.

Below the beautiful, uniquely designed chandelier sits our Glas Bar where we offer sandwiches made from our home-baked bread, the daily soup with salad and freshly baked pastries from our bakery. The pastry selection varies by day and season, but we always have something for everyone. Enjoy buns, the daily tart or a healthy raw food biscuit and much more.

Our broad selection of beverages includes everything from sweet beverages, Swedish craft beers, sparkling and still wines and drinks made from locally sourced ingredients. You can enter the Glas Bar from the Sculpture Garden or restaurant.

Please note that Nationalmuseum only accept payment by credit card or via Swish.