Eye to Eye
October 29, 2017– April 22, 2018 at Jamtli, Östersund

Eye to Eye

An exhibition for children featuring images of portraits from the past, displayed in a way that allows young visitors to get up close and see eye to eye with the people who were painted long ago.

The exhibition is co-produced with Folkets Hus och Parker.

Pictures of people have never been as widely spread as they are today. We see them everywhere: in advertisements, magazines, online, on TV and at home. We take photos of ourselves and others with our mobile phones and post pictures on the internet and in social media.

Portraits have always been a means of telling who you are or would like to be. By interpreting facial expressions, gestures, body language, attributes and symbols in the portraits, yesterday’s people will meet those of us who live today. Portraits, historical as well as contemporary, are fun to watch and talk about. They are easy to relate to, compare, investigate and discuss. They bring questions about identity, gender, power, trends, fashion and beauty ideals to a head.

The exhibition displays pictures of portraits of children from four centuries, ranging from official portraits of future kings and queens to Carl Larsson’s and Amalia Lindgren's popular images. There is a total of 30 pictures of painted portraits, drawings and miniature paintings of children as well as four sculptures in ceramics from Lisa Larson's All World Children's series.

All images shown are reproductions of works of art from Nationalmuseum’s collections, as close to the original in size and color as possible. In the exhibition there is also a selfie station where you can take pictures of yourself.