Giving tours to your own group at the museum

If you want to visit Nationalmuseum as a group and want to organise your own tour, you need to plan your visit and read our recommendations and guidelines.

Since reopening in October 2018, we have had record-breaking numbers of visitors. We receive a large number of visitors each day. Late afternoons and evenings are often less busy, which is why we recommend groups to visit us during these hours.

Please consider the following when planning your visit:

  • The group touring the museum must not exceed 20 persons
  • The group must have a clear contact person – either the guide or another person who communicates with the museum’s hosts and guards.
  • The guide/contact person must notify the museum of the group’s visit at least 14 days in advance by e-mail to

If another major event or several other groups are scheduled for the same date and time, we will ask you to change the time of your visit.

  • The guide/contact person contacts the museum hosts in the entrance hall when arriving at the museum.
  • The guide/contact person needs to keep track of the group as a whole while it is moving around the art exhibitions to make sure that it is not blocking other visitors from moving around or standing too close to the art.
  • The group must give way to groups that are given tours by museum staff and must adjust its stops or move aside when such groups enter an exhibition. The museum groups are guided by a person with a colourful lanyard with Nationalmuseum’s logo on it.
  • The guide/contact person must read the rules that apply to all visitors and share this information with the group. The guards and hosts are available to assist you.
  • Free admission for travel guides and/with driver