Information due to the corona virus

Updated 2020-03-18

Nationalmuseum will be closed until April 14

Due to the situation with the new coronavirus Nationalmuseum has decided to temporarily close, starting March 20. Preliminary, the museum will remain closed until April 14.

All public activities such as lectures, public tours, school tours, workshop activities and booked group tours have already previously been cancelled. The restaurant in the museum will close as well.

While the museum is closed, we wish to offer you digital experiences of art. Please follow us in social media and check out the web site.

We look forward to meeting you when the museum opens again.


Nationalmuseum is complying with the Swedish Government’s decisions and the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations with regard to the coronavirus and its spread. Nationalmuseum remains open to visitors, but we are limiting admissions so that there are never more than 500 people in the building at the same time.

All guided tours, booked group tours and events, lectures and studio activities are cancelled from Thursday, 12 March up to and including Tuesday, 14 April. Tickets for guided tours purchased in advance will be refunded during this period.

The Villa Curiosa exhibition, for children, is temporarily closed until Tuesday April 14.

We believe that we can contribute to reducing the spread of COVID-19 by temporarily cancelling programme activities that gather in one place multiple visitors travelling from elsewhere.

The Art Library and the Studyroom temporarily closed

The Art Library is temporarily closed to the public until Tuesday 14 April. Only pre-booked visits are accepted. You can still reach the Art Library via e-mail and telephone during regular opening hours. Contact the library for assistance or to book a visit. Here you will find the Art Library's contact details.

The Study Room for Drawings and Prints is closed to visitors during the same period.

Reduce the spread of infection:

We ask all of our visitors to follow the general guidelines issued by the Swedish Public Health Agency to reduce the spread of infection:

  • Stay at home in case of any symptoms at all, such as cough or fever
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water
  • Sneeze and cough into the bend of your arm
  • Avoid touching your face

We have also implemented extra cleaning routines in the museum and disinfect contact surfaces in the museum several times a day.