About restaurateur and chef Fredrik Eriksson

Aside the Restaurant at Nationalmuseum, Fredrik Eriksson also runs Restaurang Asplund in Solna and Långbro Värdshus in Älvsjö. Fredrik has a long career in Swedish gastronomy and is frequently hired as advisor and createur. Among others as a gastronomic advisor for The Nobel Foundation in preparation for the yearly Nobel Banquet.

Fredrik Eriksson is very dedicated to developing Sweden’s gastronomy and does so partly by frequently sharing his knowledge about cooking on Swedish television, and as a member of Gastronomi Sverige he backs the country’s participation in the world chef championship Bocuse D’Or.

Restaurang Nationalmuseum is run by Fredrik Eriksson in collaboration with Patrik Högberg and Bodil Stigsdotter, who he has worked together with for a long time.

Photographer Tina Axelsson

Patrik Högberg Food and Beverage manager

Bodil Stigsdotter Head of communication

Fredrik Eriksson Chef and Restaurateur

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