Administrative fee

For research/academic/scientific/private use of already exisiting digital images: No fee
For commercial use and/or publishing rights: 1 000 SEK/image (+ VAT 6%)

Photographing of objects

2 000 SEK/object+ VAT 25%

How to I order images?

The images you are looking for might already be available for direct download on Wikimedia Commons, always check there first. Otherwise, order your images through the online form. The order process is in three steps, first you enter your customer information, then which images you would like to order. If you can't find the inventory number of the artworks you are looking for, just search the museums online database. The last step is the reproduction agreement, by approving this your order is finalized.

How are my images delivered?

You will be e-mailed a WeTransfer-link from where you can download your images. If you do not receive an e-mail, check your spam-mail.

How soon will I get my images?

We handle all orders as soon as we can, by order date. The delivery time varies depending on how many orders that are on queue, usually images are sent out within a week.

How do I pay?

You will be sent a paper invoice in the ordinary mail within a few weeks. If you prefer an electronic invoice, tell us so and we can arrange for a pdf-version.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, contact us through the questionnaire and we will help you further.

How can I use my images?

For information see Rights and Reproductions

How do I credit the images?

For information see Rights and Reproductions

How do I find the name of the photographer?

Windows: Right-click the image, and select Properties. Under the tab info / copyright you will usually find the name of the photographer. If no photographer is given, just state "Photo: Nationalmuseum".

Can I get a quantity discount?

Yes, in some cases. Write a message in connection with the order and we will take a position on whether a discount is applicable.

Is it possible to order photography of works that there are no photos of, or only older b/w photos of?

Unfortunately not at the moment. This is due to the photography studio being preoccupied with work in preparation for moving back into the museum next year, after the extensive renovations. The photography service will be able to accept external work again in 2018.