The range of offers in the Glassbar

Shrimps in mayonnaise with trout roe & lemon
Vegan sandwich with beetroots, carrots and hazelnuts,
National cheddar cheese sandwich
Meatballs with beetroot salad on frisèe salad & parsley

Soup and salad of the week ( see restaurant menu)

Small dishes:
Gubbröra ( herring, egg, potatoes, mustard)
Freshpotato salad with smoked Salmon, capers, and dijonais
Fried Baltic herring with fingerling potato crème, bread Crumb and spinach

Pastries, cakes and desserts
Chocolate brownie with whipped cream, Rawfood bars, Carrot cake, Chocolate bisquits, Truffles, Almond cakes (Mazarins),
Vegan chocolate cake, Cardemom or Cinnamon buns, Fernlundare, Tosca cake, Shortbreads

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