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The Art Exhibition and the Image Explosion
October 13, 2018–January 20, 2019

Stories from the archives

The exhibition was shown at Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

The advent of industrialism in the 19th century called for new professionals, such as illustrators and photographers. New technology made it possible to mass-produce images. The visual culture exploded in commercial posters, advertising, fashion features and pictures of events in the news. Art reproductions and scientific illustrations were spread through newspapers, magazines and books. Photography became increasingly accessible.

The exhibition The Art Exhibition and the Image Explosion shows how images of art were disseminated in the form of flyers, posters, photos, exhibition catalogues, books, and articles produced in conjunction with the first ever exhibition at Nationalmuseum, in 1866, when the museum was opened. The exhibition organized by the Royal Academy was part of The General Industrial an Art Exposition which took place in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm at the same time.

Documents from the Nationalmuseum's archives provide an insight into the art scene and the daily life of the artists and the art scene in the second half of the 19th century. and the spread of art in the late 19th century. Examples of cartes de visite show that photography was used as a marketing tool and opened up new career opportunities for women

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