January 22 januari – March 24, 2019
January 22 januari – March 24, 2019
Master Bindings
Master bindings from the Association of Master Bookbinders in Stockholm.

Master Bindings

This exhibition, in the Old Library, shows books borrowed from Bokbindarmästareföreningen (the Association of Master Bookbinders) in Stockholm.

Every year since 1986, the association selects a book for a master binding. The assignment is awarded to one of Sweden’s best bookbinders. The result is the Master Binding of the Year. Today’s master bindings are similar to the master examinations of the guilds, but they are accomplished under freer conditions. The binders choose their own technique and materials. The creative side of the craft is now as important as the execution. This exhibition features a variety of techniques, materials and styles.

The Association of Master Bookbinders

The association of master bookbindes has a long history, going back to 1630, with roots in the guild system. The bookbinders’ guild was established in 1626. It decided that there should be five bookbinders in Stockholm – reflecting the modest needs of books at the time. The guild system regulated trade, organised education and offered its members social and economic security.

Knowledge about the craft was passed down through the generations.

The guilds were abolished in 1846, but today’s bookbinders have the same collegiality and tacit knowledge of materials and craftsmanship as the old masters.

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