Now on display
Now on display
The Design Depot
Design processes and the development of ceramics throughout history.

The Design Depot

The Design Depot tells about the development of ceramics throughout history. It is also a place for studying the design process.

The exhibits depict materials, manufacturing and trends through more than 1200 items, from the 18th century to the very latest. Here, we also see how society’s changing needs and desires affect, and are influenced by, design and material development.

Inspiration from China, Swedish Art Nouveau, Swedish Grace, Pop and Print, The Figurine Returns and Our Age Annotated are som of the themes dealt with.

In the centre of the hall is a varied selection of the museum’s collections, with different perspectives on, and aspects of, design.

Design Processes

On display until June 9, 2019.

How do designs evolve? How do designers and producers work? Using exampels from the NM& project – which has resulted in the furniture and fittings for Nationalmuseum's restaurant – working material, sketches, and films that describes wha can happen are presented.

The NM& project was produced by Matti Klenell, Carina Seth Andesson, Stina Löfgren, Gabriella Gustafsson och Mattias Ståhlbom. About another thirty designers and twenty producers have participated in the project. You can see the finished products in the restaurant.

Sofa, Matti Klenell, Offecct. Fabrics, Klässbols Linneväveri. Design from left to right: Mattias Ståhlbom TAF Studio, Matti Klenell, Stina Löfgren, Carina Seth Andersson, Gabriella Gustafson TAF Studio. –

Videos from the production of the NM& collection

The videos are showing the process of producing a few of the more than 80 objects produced for the restaurant in the newly renovated Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.

App for facts

The NM& project is preseneted in the museum app. Theer you also find in depth information about the themes and objects in the ceramics exhibition.

Find out more about the app here.