Agreement Reproduction Rights

The following applies when ordering images or renewing image rights from Nationalmuseum. Please read carefully before submitting your order.

1. When reproduced, state the name of the artist, title of the work and the following photo credit:

  • Photo: Photographer’s name / Nationalmuseum
  • If the photographer’s name is not known, the following will suffice: Photo: Nationalmuseum

2. This permission does not confer any right of reducing, travestying or otherwise changing the work without first contacting the Image archives.

3. The agreement relates to one-time use of the image / images only. Use in a new context requires reapplication.

4. In case the 1960 Copyright Act is applicable, reproductions are subject to permission by the artist.

5. Sales are final after digital delivery and not refundable.

6. Customers with unpaid invoices will be reported to the Swedish Agency for Legal, Financial and Administrative Services.
Nationalmuseum/Image archives