Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum Volumes 24–25

The Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum is published annually and contains articles on the history and theory of art relating to the collections of the Nationalmuseum. The content of this double issue primarily reflects the extensive acquisitions during the years 2017 and 2018.

The first part of the Art Bulletin contains a series of in-depth studies on the most significant acquisitions in the form of scientific articles. The second part consists of an account of all, over a thousand, purchases and donations during 2017 and 2018. At the end there is also an account of the scientific activities of the staff.

The Art Bulletin is usually published annually. The intensive work during the reopening year 2018 did not allow any publication. Therefore volumes 24-25 is a double issue.

The Friends of the Nationalmuseum is the major contributor to the extensive acquisitions, in addition to the Wiros Foundation and the museum’s own foundations. The Friends of the Nationalmuseum have also financed the publication of this double issue.

Editorial Committee: Ludvig Florén, Carina Fryklund, Eva Lena Karlsson, Audrey Lebioda, Ingrid Lindell, Magnus Olausson, Martin Olin, Cilla Robach and Lidia Westerberg Olofsson

Editors: Ludvig Florén, Magnus Olausson and Martin Olin

ISSN: 2001-9238

Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum, Volumes 24-25, cover.

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Susanna Pettersson

The Friends of the Nationalmuseum,
Eva Qviberg

An Unpublished Drawing on Panel by Salvator Rosa Depicting a Landscape with a Philosopher and Astrological Symbols,
Caterina Volpi

A Drawing for Pietro da Cortona's Rape of the Sabine Women,
Martin Olin

The Entry of Queen Christina into Paris in 1656, by François Chauveau,
Martin Olin

Count Fabian Wrede's Mirror,
Micael Ernstell

Consummate Preparatory Studies and Finished Works of Art – 18th Century French Drawings,
Daniel Prytz

Decorative Objects i Retour d'Égypte Style – A Reflection of International Politics,
Magnus Olausson

Before Photography – French Genre Painting in the Early 19th Century,
Magnus Olausson and Carl-Johan Olsson

Joseph Weninger – An Itinerant Photographic Pioneer,
Magnus Olausson

Italian Studies from the 1820s by Théodore Caruelle d'Aligny,
Martin Olin

Danish Golden Age Portraits in the Nationalmuseum – New Acquisition Going Back a Hundred Years,
Magnus Olausson

Self-Portraits and Portraits as Portraits of Friends – A Selection of Paintings and Drawings,
Daniel Prytz

Struggle for Existence by Agnes de Frumerie,
Linda Hinners

Spika and Tajt – Alternative Furniture for a Young Generation,
Cilla Robach

Henry B. Goodwin – A Visual Artist with the Camera as his tool,
Eva-Lena Karlsson and Magnus Olausson

Portraits by Dawid,
Magnus Olausson

Hide and Seek – Things Are Not What They Seem,
Cilla Robach

A Newly Discovered Drawing by François de Nomé,
Carina Fryklund

The Troubadour Style in French Romanticism,
Magnus Olausson

Per Krafft the Younger and Belisarius – One of the Foremost Swedish Examples of Neoclassical Painting in the French Style,
Daniel Prytz

Women Artists in France in the 1880s,
Carl-Johan Olsson

Carl Christoffer Gjörwell – A Neoclassicist Abroad,
Wolfgang Nittnaus

Lions in the Garden of Eden,
Cilla Robach

The Seven-Year Throne by Knut Fjaestad,
Anders Svensson

Smart Design,
Cilla Robach

Nils Kreuger's Drafts for the Covers of Bland franska bönder (1889) by August Strindberg and Ord och Bild (1897),
Daniel Prytz

Venus in Glass,
Micael Ernstell

Three German Artists on their Travels,
Carl-Johan Olsson

The Nationalmuseum's New Restaurant – An Artistic Collaboration,
Helena Kåberg and Fredrik Eriksson

The Tessin Lecture 2018: In the Breach of Decorum – Painting Between Altar and Gallery,
Gail Feigenbaum

Acquisitions 2017: Exposé

Acquisitions 2018: Exposé

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