Welcome to the dining hall

In the restaurant dining hall, we serve classic swedish cuisine with a modern touch inspired by the French and Italian kitchen.

Dining orders are easily placed at the bar counter and the food is served at the table you have selected. We have special lunch dishes available during lunch hours, 11:00 a.m. to 14:30 p.m. in addition to the weekly menu that we serve the entire day.
It’s not possible to book a lunch table in advance unless you are part of a bigger group If you would rather enjoy a sandwich, pastry or something to drink, our Glas Bar and Café can be reached from the Sculpture yard.

Please note that Nationalmuseum only accept payment by credit card or via Swish.

Lunch of the day 19/3 - 22/3

The menu below includes freshly baked bread with butter and is served between 11,00-14,30


Classic Swedish cabbage pudding with cream sauce, roasted cale, sweetened lingonberries & boiled potatoes 130

Potato-& leek gratin with tomato vinaigrette & horseradish 130


Lamb casserole tuscan style with couscous, tomato, gem salad, parsley & blakened lemon 130

Lasagne with spinach, sheep cheese, smetana & broccoli 130


Salmon, potato-& onion gratin with sugarsnaps salad & lemon 130

Roasted celeriac with marinated endive, walnut butter & pear salad 130


Slowly baked brisket of beef with baked pumpkin, smoked pork & black pepper jus 130

Baked caulifloer with hummus, browned hazelnutbutter & pickled fennel 130

All day menu 19/3 - 24/3

Salad with shrimps, baked egg, avocado, crutons & chives dressing 155

Tomato soup with sheep cheese, basil, crutons & smetana 145

Marinated Chineese cabbage with onion-& cabbage buillion, yellow pea chips, brocooli crème and sprouts 165

Butter fried haddock with Puy lentils, smoked pork, tomato, parsley root, tuscan kale & red wine gravy 215

Stuffed spring chicken with roasted Jerusalm artichoke, silver onions, cress yoghurt & chicken gravy with butter 215

For the younger ones

All main dishes are available as half portions suitable for children.
In addition, we always have the following:

Sausage Stroganoff from Nibble farms "Falu"sausage with boiled potatoes or potato purée 65

Penne pasta with creamy chicken and herb sauce with finely shredded parmesan 65