Welcome to the dining hall

Nationalmuseum is temporarily closed due to restiction caused by the Corona virus.
We will open again the 16th of June

In the restaurant dining hall, we serve classic swedish cuisine with a modern touch inspired by the French and Italian kitchen.
In addition to the weekly menu, which is served the entire day, special lunch dishes are available during lunch hours 11:00 a.m. to 14:30 p.m. Dining orders are easily ordered at the bar counter and the food is served at the table you have selected.

It’s not possible to book a lunch table in advance unless you are part of a bigger group
If you would rather enjoy a sandwich, pastry or something to drink, our Glass Bar and Café can be reached from the Sculpture yard.

Please note that Nationalmuseum only accept payment by credit card or via Swish.

The restaurant is chartered following dates and we will then close earlier for preperation. The Glasbar is open as usual at these times.

Lunch of the day is served 11,00 - 14,30 (17 - 20 march)

Including lettuce, dressing, butter & homebaked bread

The lunch of the day
Ox stew with red wine, roasted root vegetables and green onion cream 130

Bean chili with vegetables, garlic fried lime bowl and homemade pita 130

All day meny 17 - 22 march

Today's soup of Jerusalem artichoke with cold smoked salmon, salted cucumber, trout roe and crispy lotus 145

Today's salad with herb roasted chicken, cooked artichoke, fennel, sautéed paprika, croutons and parmesan- & chives onion 155

Crispy and wild onion marinated tofu with lentil crème, carrot kimchi and sesame crisp 185

Game Wallenbergare (burger) with potato purée, crispy celeriac and pickled rhubarb salad 235

Butter fried char with mashed potato, browned butter, smoked smetana, deep fried onion and trout roe 255

Thursday evening

Soup of the week with homebaked bread & one glass of house wine or Roslagens apple must 195
Avaible from 14,30

For the younger ones

All main dishes are available as half portions suitable for children.
In addition, we always have the following:

Meatballs with cream sauce, lingonberries & boiled potato 65

Vegan bolognese with pasta penne 65