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Now on display
The Timeline
Art and Design from Nationalmuseum's Collections

Collections – from the 1500s to today

Go exploring among old favorites and newly acquired art treasures. The timeline guides you through the art, the museum, and six centuries.

Join us on a journey through the history of European art. Nationalmuseum's collections comprise more than 700,000 objects dating from the 1500s to today: paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographic portraits, crafts, and design. In the museum you will see a selection of approximately 5,000 of them.

The collections are presented chronologically, and follow an imaginary timeline through the building. This allows you to easily navigate your way through the centuries. Arts, crafts, and design are displayed side by side, providing a deeper understanding and greater perspective on the different eras.

Each era has its own large exhibition hall. Here, we present the main features of the art and the relevant cultural and social influences. The smaller, adjacent rooms provide space for expanding horizons or “deep dives” into the various issues that relate to the time period in question.

We want you to experience as much of our collections as possible, and therefore we will sometimes change which objects are on display. There should almost always be something new to discover!

Explore some of the highlights in the exhibition "The Timeline"