Nationalmuseum's mission

Nationalmuseum is a government authority with a mandate to preserve cultural heritage and promote art, interest in art and knowledge of art.

This mandate is set out in an annual letter of instruction from government. The Director General of Nationalmuseum acts as chief executive officer of the authority and director of Nationalmuseum.

Our activities are founded on the national collection of older art up to around 1900 and older applied art and design up to the present day.

Nationalmuseum’s mandate has three pillars: to preserve, make accessible and help build knowledge. Our activities are also intended to put social development in perspective and make us a player in contemporary society.

A government grant of just over SEK 164 million is received annually. In 2016, covering 77 % of operating costs. Additional finance comes from admission fees, educational programs (guided tours, courses, lectures), sales of merchandise, etc. In 2016, sponsorship and donations income made up 3 % of the total budget.

Nationalmuseum receives no public funding for art purchases. Since acquisitions are part of its mandate, Nationalmuseum relies on private donations to purchase art for the national collections. We have access to the returns on investment from various foundations, which specify the type of art that can be purchased. The amount received depends on the performance of the stock market. Usually it is several million kronor a year, but it has to be spent in the way prescribed by each donor, so we cannot choose freely how to use this funding.