Loan requests

Temporary restrictions of outgoing loans until 31 December 2020.

During 2020 Nationalmuseum will have to allocate staff to the task of moving stores and other major projects. This will have consequences for the outgoing loans. Already granted loans will not be affected. New loan requests will be treated with great restrictiveness and will be granted only exceptionally. We regret the inconvenience that this may cause and hope for your understanding.

How to request a loan

Nationalmuseum continuously lends works of art from the collections to exhibitions in museums and cultural institutions in Sweden and abroad. Here you will find an application form and information about the loan process. We need a written request by letter addressed to the General Director Susanna Pettersson, Nationalmuseum, Box 16176, SE-103 24 Stockholm, Sweden or by e-mail to If you send your request by e-mail, please attach the letter as a pdf.

For exhibitions outside Sweden, we ask you to send your request at least 8 months before the exhibition opens.

The request should contain the following information:

  • the exhibition’s title and period
  • the name of the borrowing institution and the place of the venue
  • a description of the exhibition and reasons motivating the loan
  • a list of the requested artwork(s), with Nationalmuseum’s inventory number if possible
  • contact info to the exhibition’s curator and/or administrator

Click here to search the requested artwork(s) in the museum's digital database.

Please attach a completed and signed Standard Facility Report to your loan application. This report documents the safety and climate conditions and can be downloaded here:

Standard Facility Report (word)

Procedure for loans

All incoming loan applications are processed by loan administrators See contact info below.
All applications are submitted to Nationalmuseum’s Loan Committee which takes place about 10 times a year.
The Loan Committee is advisory; the formal decision is taken at the Nationalmseum’s monthly board meeting.
Decisions on loans are notified by letter after the Board’s decision. If the loan is granted, a Loan Agreement is sent to the borrower.

How long does it take?

We process all loan applications as quick as possible. However, for various reasons the final decision may sometimes take a few months.

What are the costs?

The administrative fee for loans outside Sweden is currently 3 000 SEK/object and the conservator’s fee is 3 000 SEK/object. The borrower takes upon all other costs directly associated with the loan.

Why are certain loans not granted?

The most common reasons for application not to be granted are:

  • The condition of the objects makes them too fragile to travel.
  • The borrower does not meet the required safety and climate conditions.
  • The requested objects are already included in other exhibition projects.


You may contact our Loans Administrators by phone:
Audrey Lebioda, +46 (0)8-5195 4378

Karin Sandstedt, +46 (0)8-5195 4316
Or by e-mail: